Students’ Attitudes toward Daily Living Improved at American Intercontinental School, a Model International School in Phnom Penh.

Education for the Future

A broad horizon and copious practical education will help students stabilize in the future. We are an international school that is well known in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and will assist them in building character and career counseling to make the correct choice while achieving their high academic results.

Excellence of our international school academic results and achievements

Providing our students with an international-quality education and instilling in them the spirit and courage to engage in social action, culture, collaboration, and creativity are what our international school does to build their universal knowledge, the core value of humanity, and their global citizenship. It is what they get from our private international school, which is the same international school around the world.

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Curriculum Development

Working closely with associated ministries as well as locally and internationally renowned experts and institutions gives us flexibility and innovative experiences in our curriculum design, which is a scope of international quality and effective education for our international students and a boundless professional enhancement for teachers.

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Our private International school, special place for children

We believe that education is through students’ characteristics. And we prepare your children for academic achievement based on their passions, strengths, and personal growth so that they can achieve more than their expectation. We personalize progress and calibrate learning ability.

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Highly Efficient Teachers

Our rigorous recruiting process allows us to welcome the most qualified, experienced, and motivated teachers to nurture children. Furthermore, regular professional development campaign refuels educators on an international level and shares intriguing global practice.

Best learning environment in our international school

The opportunities are endless at our international school. We eliminate artificial boundaries and pave the way for success. Continuing to enable active learning, memory, and vision to allow students to achieve their desired goals, Our international students are the leaders of tomorrow.

Our private international School Family

We are building a warm and closely connected community where students, guardians and staff enjoy a comfortable and safe learning and working environment. How great it is to be part of such an amazing family

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Modern Equipment

Our buildings and classrooms are equipped with modern educational facilities, providing the best learning experience for your children at our international school.

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Creating great experiences for children both in and out of the classroom​

Private international school curriculum enables students to have meaningful social experiences in school and out of school, where the majority of around 5 000 students each year join their educational study tour locally or overseas. The knowledge and skills obtained at our private international school will be put into actual context.

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