We are proud of recruiting teachers who possess good experience, global knowledge and best quality with strong goodwill in fulfilling the tasks and helping your children. We always support and assist them through improving and broadening the knowledge as well as contributing the real practice. The following teachers are those who have received high education with best quality and full of strong commitments in their teaching profession.

Mr. Chandara Ouk

Khmer Teacher

I am a Khmer literature teacher from Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) and National Institute of Education (NIE). After moving from my hometown, Kompong Cham province, to live in Phnom Penh until I successfully graduated my Bachelor degree and pedagogy training. I have transformed myself from a student, university student, and a pedagogic student to become an educator.  This is because of my passion that I have always had and dreamed of becoming a teacher in the future since I was young.

In the early 2008, I worked as the civil public staff in the department of education under the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports at Samdech Akak Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen Bathey High School. With my personal thoughts, a country’s development depends strongly on the quality of human resources. That is why I am really proud of my participation. Self-improvement and ambition cannot be ended here.

In March 2006, I continued my profession in educational field more deeply. There is one well-known private school which focuses on quality, discipline and best service is my first priority. American Intercon School has become my second house. I started teaching Khmer Subject in grade 11 and grade 12, and I have learned and got new experience countlessly. American Intercon School does not only focus on the general knowledge, but also create other programs for students to have opportunities to learn something new from the society including seminars and field trips. It is completely perfect talking about the school and working environment as well as the communication between the staff at all levels.

Although the workload keeps increasing, I love to learn the something new. The noticeable thing is that it is just a short period of work, but I have learned so many things, especially taking responsibilities for this profession.

I am committed to trying my best and continuing to work as harder as possible, especially doing more research to discover something new in order to share with the students to achieve the process of teaching-learning effectively. Furthermore, self-building is one of the most important points for a person to be the role model for the next generation to follow so that they can become a competence human resource who can help to develop our nation to grow more prosperously.

Mr. Sothean San

Computer Teacher

I am a computer teacher at American Intercon School and Hun Sen Ta Kmao High School. I passed the exam at National Institute of Education (NIE) in 2008 and started the career as a teacher in October 2009. I was sent to work at Pedagogy Teacher Training College in Siem Reap Province. During that period, I experienced in attending the workshops and Educational Training Courses in Cambodia for three years, and I also taught a networking skill as a part-time lecturer at CUS University in Siem Reap province. From 2010 to 2012, I pursued Master Degree of Information Technology at Sikkim Manipal University. Later on, from 2011 to 2014, I was changed from Siem Reap to Kandal Province up-to now. In 2016, I cooperated to assist and edit American Intercon School’s computer books.

Mr. Reoung Kiri

Skill Subject Teacher

Mr. Kiri Reoung is a music teacher (Guitar) and a dentist at one clinics in Phnom Penh. Kiri started his profession in Phnom Penh where he taught a guitar class (Guitar), and it is also one of his favorite subjects.

After he finished the training courses of guitar skill taught by his friends and other schools, Kiri performed in events in group and solo performances. Then, Kiri ran his own private class at his house and other places based on the students’ contacts. Moreover, Kiri also taught at one of the organizations in Phnom Penh.

In the end 2014, Kiri applied to work at American Intercon School. He also created online program in order to assist students to learn more effectively in Youtube and Facebook. In addition, he taught the students to search for the new things to share to the whole class. Nowadays, Kiri has continued his career at American Intercon School.

Mr. Teng Pen 

Math Teacher

Being one of the math teachers who provide the knowledge to the students, I have always tried my best from to guide students to succeed in their learning. All of this happened because of my passion and love in educational field. It was my dream of becoming a teacher in the future since I was a kid. After finishing the exam at Phum Pheak Hun Sen Pedagogy in Kandal Province in 2020 until now, I have worked as the civil public staff in the department of education under Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports at Hun Sen Serei Deidos.

Generally, a country can be developed depending on potential human resources in that country. Due to this reason, I am so proud of my contribution.

I continued my education and finished my Bachelor Degree in English Literature at Human Resource University in 2010 and Bachelor of Mathematics at Khemarak University in 2013. In 2007, I started working at American Intercon School, the private and well-known school in the country in term of its superior quality, discipline, and services. Therefore, it has become my warm and second workplace.

Working at American Intercon School makes me learn and gain more experiences from other teachers, staff, and management team for a practical teaching because we don’t teach only general knowledge but also social extracurricular programs such as painting, gardening, and study tours to different provinces. All of these enable students to learn more from society and workshops, especially environmental programs which staff and students join together to clean environment by promoting clean-up campaign to clean school campuses at different places. Though my workload is increasing, I am willing to accept new challenges because all of these push me to work harder and have higher responsibility in my profession.

I determine myself to work harder in order to research something new in order to present and teach students actively in the classroom. Also, I guarantee that the learning and teaching process will be effective as expected. In addition, we try to build ourselves and our younger generation to become a strong pillar in contributing to the support as well as the development of our nation.

Thank You!

Mr. Veasna Poun

General Knowledge Teacher

My name is Veasna Poun. I was born on October 09, 1971. I have been teaching since February 15, 1994. The reason of becoming an educator is that it is my favorite and love. Besides, I want to provide my knowledge to the students to make them knowledgeable. In my point of view, knowledge is a bridge for them to escape from illiteracy. When everyone has knowledge, our country will grow and develop faster. Based on my experience in educational field, I taught in one of the private schools. Its name was Khmer, Chinese, and English Eak Khun.  After that in 1997, I changed to teach at Lib Khun High School and had part time classes at other language schools.

Having seen that American Intercon School is a model school in its quality, discipline, and services as well as its development from year to year, I decided to work as a general knowledge teacher in one primary school from September 14, 2015 until present time.

Building up my teaching life here, I am very happy because the working environment is good and atmosphere is full of goodwill especially the management team who have good cooperation and working relationship with all staff since we always discuss and solve the problems together. Moreover, by working here I have strong motivation to improve myself and my knowledge to become better than before.

This knowledge comes from my hard work and encouragement from Mr. Chairman and all management teams who always pay attention to the staff and try to conduct workshops and study tours to improve the staff’s knowledge.

All these factors pushed me to work harder in educating students to focus on learning and have good morality. One more thing is that I am committed to trying all my best to teach and research more on new things in order to make lesson effective and up to date. More specifically, I will equip myself with more knowledge and practice to teach my students to be good friends, good students, good children, and good citizens to be a part of country’s development.

Mr. Chanphal Sry

An Elementary Teacher

Born in a farmer family, Chanphal is the first child and has three siblings.  After graduation from High School, he started school at Teacher Training Center, Elementary School, in Kandal Provincce in 2004 and graduated successfully in 2006. After that, he became a teacher at an elementary school in countryside. After teaching there for 2 years, he continued his study at Chamroeun University of Ploy-Technology, majoring in Science Education from 2008 to 2011.

During study at university, he started his teaching career as an elementary teacher at American Intercon School, a well-known private school in Cambodia on October 1, 2010. Because of the passion in educational education and training young generation to develop the country, he has never failed to work in this sector. He always taught his students carefully, managed his time punctually, and found new techniques for teaching to make the students easy to understand and learn. Furthermore, Chanphal built good rapports with students, colleagues, and management team. More importantly, he liked to share experiences with other teachers such as teaching techniques and other work, so he was selected as an outstanding teacher.

Mr. Bunra Chheng

Mathematics Teacher

Mr. Bunra Chheng was born in 1982, Kandal province. He received a high school diploma in pedagogy in 2001, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the Royal University of Phnom Penh in 2006, a superior certificate degree in 2007 and a master’s degree in mathematics in 2014.

He has started working as a math teacher in the state school on October 1, 2001 until now. He also joined the American Intercon School on September 20, 2007 as a part-time high school mathematics teacher. After working there for one year, he has been changed from a part-time teacher to a half full-time teacher, and he has continued working there until today.

Mrs. Sophiya In

An Elementary Teacher

Sophia started her career as an elementary school teacher at the American Intercon School on September 15, 2008. She taught first graders in this school for 10 years as a homeroom teacher. During her career, she received the Outstanding Teacher Award for five years in a row. She is currently promoted to Assistant Principal for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Elementary at American Intercon School.

Ms. Rany Im

Chemistry Teacher

Rany started her career as a teacher in 2008 at Khmer-Japanese Friendship Samaki Meanchey High School, Kampong Chhnang Province. Since becoming a member of the technical team in 2010, he has become the leader of the technical team in Chemistry subject. In 2013, she got her Master’s Degree scholarship majoring in science to study in Hiroshima, Japan for two years and a half.


In 2015, she started working at the American Intercon School, Mao Tse Tung Campus. In 2016, she moved from high school to the National Institute of Education as an office worker in the Department of Education. After working there for a year, she was promoted to Chemistry Team Trainer and Technical Team Leader. In 2017, she moved from Mao Tse Tong Campus to Tuol Kork Campus of American Intercon School.

Miss Chansreyrath Chea

Teacher of English

Teacher Chansreyrath Chea graduated from Norton University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in 2015. Before graduating from the bachelor’s degree, she used to teach English as a part-time teacher at the language school for 3 years (2014-2016). After graduating, she worked at American Intercon School on November 11, 2015 as a part-time teacher.

In 2016, she changed her position to a full-time teacher. At the same time, she was also elected as the head of the ESL technical team. She is currently working as a full-time English Teacher and Head of the ESL Technical Team at the American Intercon School, Tuol Kork Campus.


Ms. Manet Keak

Khmer Teacher and Homeroom Teacher

She has been a teacher of Khmer subject and homeroom teacher at the American Intercon School, Mao Tse Tung Campus from December 28, 2008 to the present time. After graduating her Bachelor Degree of Arts in Khmer Literature from the Royal University of Phnom Penh in 2003 and undergoing a Master’s Degree + 1 at National Institute of Education, she has been a teacher ever since.

Enjoying the career as a teacher and receiving training at the American Intercon School with the opportunity to attend workshops on techniques, psychology, management, technology, administration, creation, community involvement, as well as commitment to teamwork, Ms Manet was very excited. These are the factors that motivate her to grow gradually to become a person who wants to expand her knowledge more widely to achieve her goal, she took her busy time to continue her study and finished a Master’s Degree in Khmer literature in 2013.

What makes her effort to perform the job better is due to many factors such as motivation, offering opportunity, feedback for correction, improvement, orientation, and teamwork. Therefore, the individuals are willing to take responsibility, follow the rules, and accept other people’s opinions in order to improve themselves.