Why choosing American Intercon School?

Do you know how your children can be successful through self-study and rare opportunities for them? Through education and trainings, your children will love their study at our American Intercon School.

What makes our school special?

At American Intercon School, we constantly support our students to achieve their learning beyond their expectations through our shared commitment to link their self-study with tremendous opportunities. With high quality of teaching and partnering with the world’s leading educational institutions, your children will be successful with great development and pleasure in learning in our school.

We are ambitious for your children.

We believe that there is no limit in our ability to promote academic and social success for every child. We encourage them to achieve their dreams and have courage to overcome something new in all aspects of their education.

Our Campuses

Currently, ten American Intercon School campuses such as Mao Tse Tong (MTT), Toul Kork (TK), Chak Angre (CA), Choam Chao (CC), Phsar Thmey (PT), Siem Reap (SR)  Takeo(TAK)  Sen Sok (SS) and Chbar Ampove (CAP) have received many students every year which is a big and close family of children in our country. In addition, for the convenience of your children, we will expand many more potential campuses in Phnom Penh and other provinces throughout Cambodia including Sen Sok, Tuol Sangke, Chamkar Doung, Chbar Ampov, Battambang and Kampong Cham etc.

Studying and teaching at the American Intercon School​

The American Intercon School offers quality of education with various teaching methods and general education for each student so that they will be able to get tremendous opportunities towards their academic and social success.

 Campus Exchange or Transfer Policy

With procedures set by the American Intercon School committee, our transfer system is convenient for all parents and students from one campus to another.