Our aim is for students to be at their best.

We instill growth and passion for learning in students so that they could demolish their artificial limitations and build a great path to their success beyond what’s expected.

Why is American Intercon School your best choice?

Our school has international school-like characteristics, and we are ready to make your children fall in love with learning and build a great path to success beyond their expectation.

The next generation of leaders will need a global perspective and the confidence to adapt to new surroundings. At AIS, we provide students with a high quality of education and assist them in their journey to become a leader of tomorrow. Hence, what are those special features we possess?

Success with Critical Thinking

With our rigorous curriculum, we are ambitious in providing practical experience, training students in a real-life situation and developing a sense of global citizenship among them.

We invest our time to learn about students’ interests and motivate them to challenge their limitations. The essence is the small class size and dedication of our teachers to individual students while tailoring teaching techniques. Our objective is to deliver personalized and adaptive lessons.

We instill confidence and passion in our students, empowering them to become world citizens with profound vision for a better improvement of society and the world. Our academic results each year always outperform other private and public schools. Meanwhile, many students have already won prizes and invitations to various national and international competitions and programs.

Professional recruitment for quality education

Our standards and rigorous recruiting process allow us to select only professional and highly motivated teachers who are challenging and constantly developing their profession. Through internal and external research and training with well-known educational specialists and institutions in different fields such as pedagogy, technology, and other universal knowledge, our teachers have expanded their teaching methods and techniques, giving them upper hands to better assist students.

Our school is a unique place for your child’s education

Your kids will be more passionate towards their study. More than 6000 of our students exposed to different cultures and ideas have emerged success at home and school. Our talented teachers play an important role in providing a unique experience as well as great opportunities and learning tips for your children. Each family, giving its ever-lasting memories and thriving mentality, is a crucial part of AIS community. We keep innovating our teaching and make it unique for our students’ improvement while being a model of a good culture for people across the country via a variety of programs and activities. Our students from different provinces and cities across the country share the same education and culture. As a result, they could build a good relationship not only among themselves but also with our alumni who are studying abroad, creating priceless opportunities for them to exchange knowledge and experiences with each other.