Our school is highly committed to providing your child with a quality education and universal knowledge. With the unique teaching and learning programs of the American Intercontinental School, we consider the needs of children as the heart of the school to create a warm and welcoming community for all children to thrive.

The following is a quote from one of our guardians:


A guardian in Phnom Penh, Toul Kork Campus:

American Intercon School is committed to educating its children, and each staff member strives to fulfill Children’s needs by creating a safe and caring learning environment. On the other hand, the school is well connected and equipped with modern facilities.

Another Guardian in Phnom Penh Head Office (Mao Tse Toung Campus):

The school is equipped with modern facilities and a positive multicultural facility that creates an easy learning opportunity for children. Study Abroad by providing education in core subjects, English, technology, arts, sports and other soft skills. (soft skills). And this education will make children the people of a good world.

Another guardian in Phnom Penh, Toul Kork Campus:

The school has good teachers with extensive knowledge and good relationships with students, especially newcomers. There was a welcome and warmth. On the other hand, the school management is very friendly and responsive. And the school environment is clean, bright and hygienic.

A guardian from Kampong Cham, Toul Kork Campus:

American Intercon School is the best school because it is a special community that provides quality education with real quality and Have a clear goal.

A guardian from Kandal province, Chak Angre Campus:

The school has modern facilities and good teaching quality. My children have developed beyond their expectations, both academically and socially. On the other hand, strict discipline classes that enable students to study effectively.

A guardian from Kampong Speu province, Mao Tse Tung Campus:

I am happy to see that the school cares and feels warm and safe for the children and that is what we Can not take money to buy these points. On the other hand, the school values ​​and respects all students whose salaries are still low. At the same time, children have good and excellent teachers, and with more home study, they will get better results. Of study.

A guardian from Phnom Penh, Mao Tse Tung Campus:

The teachers at Intercon School are friendly and dedicated, and my children enjoy learning. Of them, with remarkable progress. At school, he participated in many important activities, both social and cultural, as well as gaining knowledge and skills. Work well as a team.

A guardian from Takeo province, Mao Tse Tung Campus:

American Intercon School has good teachers who are competent, professional and willing to work. My children enjoy studying at this school.

A guardian from Phnom Penh Chak Angre Campus:

I enjoy sending my children to the American Intercon School, and I have told many of my relatives and friends to put their children in This school because it is a school with good discipline, highly qualified teachers, modern educational facilities and good programs. Many in education, culture and social.