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On March 2, 2023, the committee of the American Intercon School organized a workshop on traffic safety for 10th to 12th grade students. This workshop aims to provide students with a better understanding of traffic laws and to promote better compliance with traffic laws. The presenter in this topic, the National Police Commissioner responsible for the traffic plan, said that from day to day, the rate of traffic accidents continues to increase due to a lack of caution and intolerance. Give each other disrespect for priority rights, especially for traffic laws. And now traffic accidents remain a major national challenge as the number of fatalities and accidents continues to rise on a daily basis. He said the accident was a catastrophe that caused many deaths, injuries, or disabilities. Moreover, it damaged many public and private properties as well. Students are concerned about why traffic safety is necessary and how to prevent accidents caused by traffic accidents after attending this workshop and will help further promote traffic safety to friends. And family.

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