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To strengthen school safety and in collaboration with School and Public Safety Department who are also concerned about safety, we have CCTV operators who inspect general safety through multiple  cameras installed at every risk areas. The Unit is the important eyes of the whole company where our operators work in rotation the whole week. CCTV Unit doesn’t only oversee safety issues, but it also inspects to make sure every single staff works productively and complies with the company’s core values.

Our CCTV is operational throughout the school buildings

CCTV in/out the Classrooms

  • Inspect general activities especially teaching and learning of teachers and students.
  • Inspect if there are arguments or fightings caused by students.
  • Do inspections while and after loss or damage caused by students.
  • Inspect if electrical equipments are properly turned off after use.
  • Make sure there is no cheating during examinations.
  • Make sure there is no bullies.
  • Make sure there is no threats, violence or drugs.

CCTV at Building Entrances

  • Inspect if there are strangers and suspected people.
  • Inspect safety when students get in and get out school bus.
  • Inspect if there are crimes and vandalism.
  • Inspect if there are arguments or fighting caused by students and outsiders.

CCTV in Elevators

  • Inspect general safety while people in box.
  • Inspect if people use elevators in the right way.

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