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The American Intercon School Community

Our educational mission is to help children and all Cambodians prosperously advance together in harmony. Our ten campuses in the capital city of Phnom Penh along with more campuses in the provinces is an educational community working hand in hand as one family. The collaboration between our students, parents, guardians, and teachers is a very healthy and closely connected one. In conclusion, we want our school to become an active member contributing to the welfare and prosperity of our community, district, city, and our loving country.

Our School Community

When you and your children join the educational community of our American Intercon School, you and your children will be warmly welcomed in the community. Teachers and all staff at all levels are always ready to help you and them in the picture of educational life in our American Intercon School. Our school is an educational center for their community and there are many valuable events and activities for them such as special education programs, competitions, Saturday skill programs, study tours, culture day, and other social programs.

The Supportive Community of Our Foundation

Besides the provision of quality education, we also have an investment program or help our community which is the initial idea for charity activities. We think school is one of the important parts of the community. Furthermore, all the campuses of our school are always encouraged to be active members in helping the community of their foundation. Our students, parents, staff, and teachers always devote their precious time, materials, and resources to supporting our charity projects and community. All of these are very good actions and role models for the whole society, and also show the close relationship between the people of the community and our school campus.

The Plan of Our Community

  • School established a charity program for the community in September 2018 by voluntary fundraising and the affordability of money, study materials, tables, chairs, trash bins, benches, and flowers, and also led the students, teachers, staff who volunteered to garden and paint the gates, windows, and doors at Toul Sophy School which is one of the poor communities in Kandal province. The purpose of their charity program is to grow a culture and the practical way of working as we want to expose them to this experience, which is the requirement for a condition of a scholarship to study abroad. On the other hand, it is a meaningful activity for society and the world too.
  • In each campus, our school has made the charity box to encourage and support the students to donate money or items which their family or they stop using, such as shoes, books, clothes, bikes, money, or other materials as much as possible for the school so that the school collects to offer to poor people of our community in the country.
  • At every exhibition program, culture day, or other programs, the school always develops the children’s charity idea by arranging for them to sell food, drinks, or other materials in order to collect the profit to help the poor community. In this activity, the school has the purpose to grow the humanity idea, hard skills, business management (small business), and teamwork.

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