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Smart Mart is a convenience store selling variety of things. It is a part of the Mengly J. Quach Education’s service which serves the needs of our students. We currently have several stores operating. It is a place where students can purchase supplies for their classes at reasonable prices.

Smart Mart sells items such as stationery, toys, snacks, beverages, cookies & cakes, bakery products, etc. Our Smart Mart also supplies students with many fun and trendy novelty items chosen by our school committee. We have a team to check the quality of the products and survey the price regularly to make sure our students get the best quality products with a lower price. We ensure that all kinds of foods and drinks selling at the Smart Mart are healthy and clean to meet the basic standards of hygiene. We always care about our students’ well-being.

What is so special about Smart Mart?

  • The price of each item is reasonable for our students
  • A minimum amount of frozen, processed and instant foods are sold
  • Ready-made ingredients and other products that are high in sugars, salts, additives and preservatives such as instant noodles are not sold for underage kids
  • Foods and beverages high in salts, sugars and fats are limited, particularly for underage kids
  • Candy, chocolate, chocolate milk, ice-creams and frozen desserts are limited
  • We import variety of healthy foods and drinks such as fruit juices or beverages with milk, yoghurt and soya to help the brain development of our kids
  • Foods and drinks that affect our students’ health will be banned at the store

Our sales clerks must adhere to the following rules:

  • No selling energy drinks or foods with high cholesterol to underage kids
  • Be courteous and polite to all customers
  • Make the customers wait in a straight line
  • Make sure there is no shoplifters
  • Keep the store in order and neat at all times
  • When a shipment arrives, it must be properly checked off

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