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Visual Art Center (VAC) actively contributes to the development of the Mengly J. Quach Education through their artworks. Visual Art Center is a center under MJQE responsible for painting and drawing for all campuses. Currently, VAC is playing an important role in maintaining building attractiveness with artistic paintings and drawings on the walls of school buildings and classrooms. Our professional artists are very experienced and creative in this artwork. All paintings and drawings are attractive and refreshing to students, teachers, guardians and public.

Currently, VAC’s major roles and responsibilities include:

  • Plan for paintings, designs and all kinds of paintings on walls as well as to restore previous paintings, making them more aesthetically beautiful, educating and up to date.
  • Organize painting procedures, work plans and carry out them effectively.

    Respond to all requests of departments/units, especially to the requests of Senior Management in order to plan and to delegate works within the team.

      • Photo painting
      • Landscape painting
      • Cartoon painting
      • Ancient painting
      • Abstract painting
      • Buddha painting
      • Designs
      • 3D painting
      • Education painting
  • More importantly, Visual Art Center has always been requested to paint on buildings of MJQE and other buildings. Paintings we offer include:

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